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Organic SEO

eDesign Hawkes Bay

The website that you designed us is really easy to manage. When I need to change simple stuff I can easily find my way around and do it myself, which is great! We get lots of compliments from customers about the website, that it’s easy to find their way around, nice and clear and easy ordering. SEO is working its magic organically and we’ve had heaps of really good jobs come our way because they’d seen the website and liked the look of what we do, so pretty great stuff all round.  With thanks to you eDesign of course. – Tracey
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Hi Sally, we’ve never met, but I’ve been continually impressed by your online presence and SEO results. I’ve been working on a NZ Digital Marketing agency the last year while balancing kids, a day job and tourism web design work as well as work to rank for local search terms and you consistently are at the top of the SERPs. It’s great to see someone who knows what they are doing and does an incredible job! All the best for a great 2020.

Feel free to contact eDesign Hawke’s Bay if your website needs and extra SEO boost organically.

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