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Flexible Marketing
No marketing contracts

Having a flexible marketing strategy allows for constant changes in marketing campaigns so that what works is retained and what doesn’t gets ditched. eDesign’s flexible marketing strategy sets out ideas of how and where products and services can and will be promoted with rough dates and timelines for the campaigns.

Also having a flexible marketing strategy gives businesses the opportunity to respond to changing platforms, markets, as well as new opportunities effectively. Online markets are very fast and forever changing. Our partnership works well if we’re on the same page, if you’re not happy with my services or if you really didn’t understand how it all worked and our strategy isn’t working, then by all means, you should be able to freely go and find something else that works best for your business model.

I’ve been employed by clients to manage their marketing campaigns for 6 weeks, 8 years later we’re still working as a team. We just do what works! Sally

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