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About eDesign
Social Media Marketing Hawkes Bay

Hey, I’m Sal from eDesign

I’m lucky enough to have found my passion and never felt happier! Over the years I’ve met so many talented people who I’ve helped display all their amazing creations, products, skills and hobbies to the world.  What I love most about eDesign is that everyday is different, being able to freely create and share my ideas with people who want to grow and learn or want to improve what they’ve already built, excites me!

The good old saying, when you find your passion you will never work a day in your life, is true! I created eDesign 11 years ago now, I started out by supporting local Hawke’s Bay businesses, today I work alongside businesses throughout New Zealand.

I’m so grateful and really proud to say that everything about eDesign is still my passion! At the end of the day my family and my clients come first. If it wasn’t for their support and encouragement, I wouldn’t have built eDesign as it stands today.

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